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Water pumps for obsolete castings and numbers matching cars

Restoring a numbers-matching car?  Can't find a new pump anywhere?  We can help!
  • Hi Flow water pumps for numbers matching cars or obsolete castings
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    We are temporarily ceasing the restoration service due to intermittent labor issues. 

    Contact us with your make, model and production year to purchase an impeller.


    Restoring Pumps with a FlowKooler Hi Flow Impeller



    If you are interested in a rebuild you are probably (A) restoring a numbers-matching car or (B) cannot find a new pump anywhere and either want a conventional pump or have experienced the benefits of hi flow. We have been helping restorers for 40 years in the construction of our radiators so it was an easy decision to use our hi flow impellers designs for numbers-matching cars and unavailable castings.

     There are 3 scenarios we commonly see:

     A. The casting volute, diameter, depth, angle and rotational direction match an existing pump impeller

    B. The casting volute, diameter, depth, angle and rotational   direction is close to an existing pump impeller but requires some modification

    C. Nothing matches an existing impeller and we have to design from scratch

    What’s the process?


    Step 1: Notify us that you have a pump and what it 'fits" in the order notes section          of the check out process.

    Step 2: Send us the pump and the timing chain cover if it is available. 
    500 Linne Road - Unit I
    Paso Robles, CA 93446

    Step 3: We’ll receive the pump and inspect the casting and impeller.

    Step 4: We call you with information and a ballpark estimate of the cost to create a hi flow impeller for your pump. At this point, you move on to the next step or we just return your pump to you.

    Step 5: If we proceed with a re-build, we'll ship your pump to a specialist that dismantles, cleans and installs new bearings and seals.

    We use this company because they're experienced with dismantling fragile castings and can source, create or modify bearings on site that may take us weeks to source. They are fair, honest and have a quick turn-around.  If they find a cracked casting they can sometimes repair it for an added cost.

    Step 6: The pump is returned to us and we install or modify or design a bespoke impeller and then install the impeller.  The process can take 3-4 weeks.

    What’s the cost?

    Obviously it ranges but the costs for the first scenario described have been tracking $299. Modifying can be ~$60-350 more. Designing a one-off bespoke impeller costs a far more. After digitizing the volute, drawing the model, procuring vice jaws, programming CNCs, and setting to machining a batch of one unit the cost can approach $700-$1,000.  Group buys and clubs can help divide the development costs.

    The price you pay when ordering on our website may be the final price or a deposit toward the final price. We do not know until we see what you provide us and we assess what is involved.  You can email us with the details of your build for more information.

    We do not undertake any work on your behalf without your consent and your exposure is always limited to the cost of the freight.

    What if I think a high flow pump costs too much?

    If the costs are too much for your wallet to bear we can simple rebuild your pump with new bearings and seals and reinstall the original impeller. This is not a hi flow solution but the costs range $180-$200.

    Isn't there a way to get the cost down?

    Absolutely - volume. The more people that need the same application, the more we can divide out the costs of design, drawing, programming, set-up, materials and machining time.

    Will you design for our club?

    We can work with clubs and specialty catalogs and, if we hear a common request, we’ll keep the customer names and when we get to reasonable “batch”.  If the design costs can be spread and the cost is reasonable, then we’ll contact all interested parties and they can buy together. If we perceive there is a market, we'll even subsidize the development costs of the impeller.

    Can't you sell me a kit? We do not sell a kit. 

    Here is a short list of some of the past restorations, rebuilds and retrofit pumps.  This is not the complete list; we add to it when we have time.

    Make Model Year Block Notes Searching the web
    AMC Javelin 1970 390   1970 AMC Javelin 390 water pump
    AMC Rebel 1968 343   1968 AMC Rebel 343 water pump
    AMC   1960 360   1960 AMC 360 water pump
    Buick Roadmaster 1956 Buick Roadmaster water pump
    Buick Invicta  1952 263   Buick Invicta 263 water pump
    Buick Skylark 1962 215 Buick Skylark 215 water pump
    Buick     322   Buick   322 water pump
    Chevrolet Camaro 1970 396 402   1970 Chevrolet Camaro 396 402 water pump
    Chevrolet Chevelle 1969 454   1969 Chevrolet Chevelle 454 water pump
    Chevrolet Corvette 1963     1963 Chevrolet Corvette water pump
    Chevrolet Corvette 1966     1966 Chevrolet Corvette water pump
    Chevrolet Corvette 1966     1966 Chevrolet Corvette water pump
    Chevrolet Corvette 1972 454 3992077 1972 Chevrolet Corvette 454 3992077 water pump
    Chevrolet Corvette 1957-1960 350   1957-1960 Chevrolet Corvette 350 water pump
    Chevrolet   1958-1965 409   1958-1965 Chevrolet 409 water pump
    Chevrolet   1969 454   1969 Chevrolet 454 water pump
    Dodge Viper 1993     1993 Dodge Viper   water pump
    Dodge Viper 1997     1997 Dodge Viper   water pump
    Dodge         Dodge water pump
    Ford Mustang 1965     1965 Ford Mustang water pump
    Ford Mustang 1970 302   1970 Ford Mustang 302 water pump
    Ford Mustang 1970 302   1970 Ford Mustang 302 water pump
    Ford Thunderbird 1957 312 Y Block 1957 Ford Thunderbird water pump
    Ford Thunderbird 1959     1959 Ford Thunderbird water pump
    Ford   1955 F100 Y Block 1955 Ford F100 water pump
    Ford   1969 429   1969 Ford 429 water pump
    Ford     332 Y Block Ford  332 Y Block water pump
    Ford     429, 460   Ford  Boss 429, 460 water pump
    Honda Interceptor VFR800 1998-2015 782 cc (47.7 cu in) liquid-cooled 4-stroke 16-valve DOHC V4   Honda Interceptor water pump
    Jeep CJ-3B, CJ-5, and CJ-6 1950–1971 F4-134 Hurricane  inline 4 Jeep 134 water pump
    Lincoln Continental 1965 430   1965 Lincoln Continental 430 water pump
    Lincoln   1963 430   1963 Lincoln 430 water pump
    Lincoln   1967 430   1967 Lincoln 430 water pump
    Lincoln 1969 430 1967 Lincoln 430 water pump
    Mercury   1954 256 Y Block 1954 Mercury 256 Y Block water pump
    Oldsmobile   1964 330   1964 Oldsmobile 330 water pump
    Oldsmobile     350, 400, 455   Oldsmobile   350, 400, 455 water pump
    Oldsmobile         Oldsmobile  water pump
    Pontiac Bonneville 1958     1958 Pontiac Bonneville   water pump
    Pontiac GTO 1965     1965 Pontiac GTO  water pump
    Pontiac GTO 1966     1966 Pontiac GTO  water pump
    Pontiac GTO 1968     1968 Pontiac GTO  water pump
    Pontiac   1960     1960 Pontiac   water pump
    Pontiac   1960     1960 Pontiac   water pump
    Pontiac   1961 389   1961 Pontiac 389 water pump
    Pontiac   1963 389 4 bolt 1963 Pontiac 389 4 bolt water pump
    Pontiac   1968     1968 Pontiac   water pump
    Pontiac   1969 350, 400 4" hub height 1969 Pontiac 350, 400 4" hub height water pump
    Pontiac   1969     1969 Pontiac   water pump
    Pontiac   1970 440   1970 Pontiac 440 water pump
    Pontiac   1961-1963 389, 421   1961-1963 Pontiac 389, 421 water pump
    Pontiac     265, 301, 350, 400, 455 11 bolt Pontiac   265, 301, 350, 400, 455 11 bolt water pump
    Pontiac     268   Pontiac 268 water pump
    Pontiac     326, 350, 389, 400, 421 8 bolt Pontiac   326, 350, 389, 400, 421 8 bolt water pump
    Willys 473 and 475 pickups, wagons, and sedan deliveries 1950–1971 F4-134 Hurricane  inline 4 Willys water pump



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